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Need the perfect photoshoot to preserve you and your loved ones at just the right moment in time? Call STEPHONE, INC. to capture everything just right. Your investment should feel unique. From conception to the finish line, my promise and guarantee are to bring an exclusive feel for your finished product because my passion is to bring your vision to life with premium quality work and excellent customer service.


STEPHONE, INC. is a team of talented photographers and videographers who are passionate about the craft. We thrive in our role helping you relive your fondest memories. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art photograph and video-capturing technology to create high-quality images for you and your family. We handle personal and corporate events of all types.

We offer a variety of services for both commercial and residential properties in Indiana

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Create Photos That Last A Lifetime

STEPHONE, INC. is here to work with our clients to create themes or photo ideas for your next photography session. We work with you to come up with a plan to preserve your memories in a way that's unique and lasts forever.


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Portraits are the oldest and most popular way to preserve memories of yourself and loved ones. STEPHONE, INC. is happy to preserve these moments in a special way, tailored to a theme or an idea that's unique and personal to you.


Whether it's for a social gathering, major life event, or corporate event, STEPHONE, INC. is prepared to capture the highlights of every moment. Our talented photographers will preserve the memories while allowing you to enjoy things as they happen.


For your marketing or business branding needs, STEPHONE, INC. is here to help. Whether you need corporate headshots, behind-the-scenes photos, and videos, or other types of commercial photography, we know how to impress your clients.


Ideal for business and real estate, STEPHONE, INC. specializes in architectural photography. We can show off homes, buildings, and other structures that you need to display in photogenic style. Click below to find out more!


Want a video capture to go along with your photo memories? STEPHONE, INC. specializes in providing high-quality videography for all of your personal or business-related events.

Photo Restoration

Have old or worn photos that could use some loving care? Our photo restoration services can repair faded or damaged photos in no time at all. We'll have your fondest memories looking better than they did before!

Why Customers Love STEPHONE, INC.

“STEPHONE, INC. helped me get portraits for my family. They met us at our favorite park and captured great photos on scene!”Jane Faber

“STEPHONE, INC. captured amazing photos and video of our wedding. I'll cherish these memories forever.”Tim Robinson

“They helped me show off my portrait in its best light. I'm positive their photographs are what helped me make it special.”Madelaine Taylor

“I had a photo album that was a family heirloom. They were able to restore and enhance some old photos and now they look like they're brand new!”Sheila Marks

Photography & Video Services

We're a production company that's dedicated to capturing unique, high-quality photography and videos. To capture your next event, be sure to reach out to us today for all of your photo needs!

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Photo Restoration

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Individual and Family Portraits

There’s no better way to capture that special moment in time than with a touching and personal portrait. STEPHONE, INC. is a team of highly trained photographers who utilize state of the art cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and more to capture you in the light that you deserve to be seen.With us, you and your family can have fun and be creative while searching for the opportunity to create the perfect moment. If you’re looking for something a little more fun that takes place outside of our studio, we also offer location portraits for the whole family. Consider your next family, sibling, or personal photos on the beach or at your favorite site.

Show Off Your Photogenic Side

Many people flee from being photographed as they’re never satisfied with the result. STEPHONE, INC. promises to change how you feel about that. We’ll take portraits for any event or occasion at your favorite scenic park, at a city vista, or even in the comfort of your own home. Whatever you have in mind, just choose the date and our photographers will be there to take care of your photo shoot.Everyone has a photogenic side waiting to be unleashed. With the help of a professional photographer, we’ll use our tools to help you look as good as you feel. You don’t want to pass on the opportunity to preserve moments because you don’t trust poor photography. STEPHONE, INC. is here to change how you feel about that.Preserve this moment in time today for you and your family. Come to STEPHONE, INC. today for your next quality portrait


For Personal and Corporate Events

The best way to preserve memories and promote your brand is by having a catalog of professional photographs that tell your story. To do that, you need the help of experienced photographers who have an eye for the perfect moment.We’ll work with you to establish what exactly you want emphasized during events and gatherings. We’ll handle all of the post-production of your photos too, so that you have a professional, quality gallery to show off to friends or clients afterward.

Special Family Events

There are numerous special events that mark milestones in all of our lives. Once those moments come and go, they’re gone forever. But you can preserve some of that feeling with a gallery of photographs.STEPHONE, INC. provides photography for all types of special events including birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, family reunions, holiday parties, and much more.You can also count on us to photograph that very special day – your wedding. We happily work with the wedding party to capture photos of the ceremony and the festivities that follow. We’re proud to be part of your most cherished moments.If you have an important event that you want to preserve, you can rely on STEPHONE, INC. to do the job right.Call us today to discuss and plan your next event!


Photo and Video for Your Business Branding

The best way to start building trust with potential clients is to give them a look behind the scenes of who they’re working with. But when you publish business photos of yourself and your team, you want to look your best.STEPHONE, INC. specializes in preventing various types of commercial photography to help your business with its media and marketing. We’ll assist you with covering corporate events, fundraisers, conferences, and much more.

Capture Your Brand’s Message

In the age of social media, people are even more likely to respond to quality videos than they are to regular photoshoots. While either can be effective, why not hire a team that specializes in both? STEPHONE, INC. can help you bring your brand to life by capturing video and photos for your events, business blogs, and corporate training videos.STEPHONE, INC. can provide high-quality, tailored images that make you and your team look their best for your business. These images are highly effective on websites, social media resumes, and much more.You can’t afford to publish content that doesn’t meet your professional standards. Low-budget visual media reflects poorly on you and your team. Fortunately, you can rely on STEPHONE, INC.. Our experienced team knows how to capture your business in a positive light.Call us today for your commercial photography.


For Real Estate and Business

In order to show off your real estate or business property, you need a photographer who knows how to show off architecture in its best light.STEPHONE, INC. specializes in architectural photography to assist businesses and realtors in capturing the look of their property in a clean, professional, and attractive way. The best way to instill confidence in your customers is by showing them something they’ll never stop thinking about.

Images and Video of Your Location

Before a buyer will even inquire about a new property, they need to see more than a description. STEPHONE, INC. employs talented photographers who know how best photograph homes to capture every detail. We’ll capture the inside and outside of a property while seeking attractive photo angles to help you best market the home. Our quality images are sure to increase interest and inquiries, which means sales and success for you.The best way to convince someone of something is by showing them something they’ll love. That’s how STEPHONE, INC. will help you generate business with stellar photo and video.We capture the visuals you need to best show off hotels, resorts, local businesses, restaurants, and much more. We work with you to capture the elements you want to highlight, so that your clients will understand what you’re all about. These photographs and videos can be used for various promotional materials focused on your business and its location.To get the high-quality photography and videography your business needs, come to STEPHONE, INC. today to schedule your next session.


Capturing the Moment in Motion

Many of the same principles of quality photography translate to video.That’s why STEPHONE, INC. also decided to specialize in providing videography for all our clients.STEPHONE, INC. can record and edit video for all of your social events, personal or commercial. Sometimes there are moments where a photograph just isn’t enough. That’s where our personalized videos come into play.

Weddings, Anniversaries, and More

There’s no better way to reflect on the happiest days of your life than by having a personalized video that catalogs each and every moment. It’s a timeless way to preserve the moment in a way that allows you to actively relive it. It’s also an amazing way to preserve memories and feelings for those after they’re gone. It’s all about capturing these moments now before they fade away from your mind. A video is a timeless gift that will never stop giving when you look back on it.The truth is that even the best photographs don’t have the advantages that come with high-quality video recording. STEPHONE, INC. captures every moment down to the final detail from the conversation to the sound of the wind. Remember the moment as it actually was.No need to search your mind for long-lost details about an important moment in time. We’ll give you something that you can view today and decades from now.For all of your video recording and post-production needs, call STEPHONE, INC.. We’re happy to preserve all of your life’s memories.

Photo Restoration

Make Your Oldest Memories Last Longer

Almost every family has old photographs from their oldest memories. Some have photos from even further back. These are typically yellowed, faded, and nearly gone due to natural degradation of photo quality.STEPHONE, INC. specializes in photo restoration that will not only preserve the quality of the material but enhance and restore the natural colors. No matter what your photos have damage from, we’ll get it back to you new and improved.

Reverse Damage from Fading, Water, Rips, and More

When memorable photographs are passed around often, it’s only a matter of time before they get damaged from accidents, spills, and light exposure. STEPHONE, INC. has the tools necessary to overcome any damages and make your photos look new again.We can even add colorize your old black and white photos to bring them into the current age. The only thing better than preserving those oldest memories is to be able to see them as they actually were with your own eyes.Our photo restoration services are digitized, allowing us to create electronic files which preserve your photo memories forever. This is what allows us to erase the effects of aging. You’ll receive your original photograph as well as a download that you can use and share with whom you’d like. Our photo restoration services can take anywhere from a day to a week depending on the amount of work needed to preserve and restore your photographs.Don’t throw away your old photos when they’re beaten and worn. You can preserve those memories today visiting STEPHONE, INC. for all your photo restoration needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Photo(s)?
Any additional photo's outside of the package will result in a charge of $15 per photo.
Additional edit(s)?
Any additional edit's outside of the package will result in a charge of $15 per photo.
If requesting a large bulk amount of photos outside of the package my hourly editing rate is $75 Per Hour. The limit is 200 Photos.
Additional destination(s)?
Traveling to 1st destination within a 25-mile radius of Indianapolis, IN is free of charge.
Additional destinations outside of the package will result in an extra charge per destination, mileage, or hourly rate depending on the circumstances of the destination or the photo-shoot taking place.
All final photos are delivered via DIGITALLY.
Print(s) will either be delivered via mail or in person.
Turnaround Time?
14 Days At Max
USB Flash Drive?
I do not provide USB Flash Drives. Bring one yourself. However, if I do need to provide a USB Flash Drive there will be a fee.
I recommend consultation so I can get the full scope of your vision and ideas. The first consultation is always free.
Deposit / Retainer?
$150 for Sessions Retainer
-Remainder Of Payment Due Day Of Shoot
Weddings - 25-50%
When booking an appointment/ session the deposit/ retainer fee is to ensure that
1.) I save your date, spot or (slot) to solely work with you and only you at the special designated time and date.
2.) That fee will be deducted from the total package
Under NO circumstances do I give out RAW images. I take pride in my work and curate a gallery for you of only the best photographs from the session. I also take time to edit those photographs to match my style and vision for my business. My ultimate goal is to have my clients love their photographs enough to have them hanging on their walls.
If you must have RAW images I can send you a free estimate/quote.
Mini Sessions?
Mini sessions are a limited time only sale/discount for booking sessions. It's best to either consult/ or contact me first if you have any questions. Price can change from time to time depending on either holiday or in demand.
Payment Type(s) Accepted?
Cash App
Wire Transfer
Credit Or Debit




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